Top 5 Tips in Creating Colored Builder Gel

Top 5 Tips in Creating Colored Builder Gel

Did you know you can make colored builder gel? We promise, it’s not too good to be true. We understand how sometimes, you don’t want to just build and create extensions with a gel. Also, you can get the chance to be as creative as you want with our vast assortment of colors. With Medusa, anything is possible. Here are our Top 5 Tips to note when creating Colored Builder Gel!


Tip #1

For your first tip, make sure that you have more builder gel than color gel. The reason for this is to make sure you don’t come across any issues when curing. This is very important! 2

Tip #2

When mixing your color gel with the clear formation gel, start with a teeny tiny amount. You can add more as you go along and if you see you would like to have more pigment. The goal is the mix the color evenly and the way to do that is by ensuring the color gel has been stirred thoroughly. Just take your time and be amazed by the colored builder gel that you are creating. 3

Tip #3

The Medusa arrow is the best tool to place the product on the nail. You are able to maneuver the gel exactly where you want it, due to the precise edges on the tool. Be sure to watch the tutorial video to see exactly how to use the Medusa arrow tool. It will change your life! 4

Tip #4

You may be noticing that the consistency is a little thinner than normal. No need to worry! By adding the color, we have slightly altered the viscosity of the formation. You will still be able to get the same results. 5

Tip #5

When you begin to file the nail, keep in mind that it is much easier to remove builder gel than it is with acrylic. Pay attention so that you don’t remove too much! Click the link to watch the full training on creating colored builder gel! Let us know if these tips are helpful!{display:none;}

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