3 Ways To Improve Your Business

3 Ways To Improve Your Business

As a Salon owner, your nail salon business is mainly built off word of mouth and referrals. Clients show off their amazing nails while sharing the experience they had with you and that excitement spills over into someone else’s desire to have the same experience.

With that being said, having products that consistently perform for you is a major factor in creating this experience over and over again. The last thing you want to worry about is if the products you have will consistently perform for you!

This is one of the major benefits as to how Medusa can benefit your nail salon business. Technicians around the country have been raving about the consistency of Medusa Gel. It performs on natural and artificial nails and can be used for both polishing and nail art. If you are used to working with gel polish and dislike how it’s consistency causes the gel to slide up into the cuticle or pool down to the sides of the nail….Medusa color gels are total control gels.  Enabling you to achieve full coverage in one stroke that will stay exactly where you place it.

Being that Medusa gel is a 2 in 1 solution to both polishing and nail art, our #2 reason how Medusa can change your business is by saving you money on inventory.

Instead of having to purchase an entire collection of polishes and a separate collection to use for nail art…. with Medusa, you have a one stop shop. You are able to make a one time purchase and have a gel that will perform for both polishing and art. Not to mention you are able to mix any Medusa colors together and create your own custom shades. So really, with one line, you can create an infinite amount of colors that all can be used as a dual function.

Next, let’s talk about presentation. This is a big deal when it comes to clients. They could casually mention where they get their nails done OR they could be your walking billboard sharing with their friends, sisters and co workers that where they go, has these gels that come in Gold Jars…

The iconic Medusa Gold Jar tops reason #3 how Medusa can transform your business. Being a new company to hit the market, Medusa is still considered an exclusive line. Therefore, it is highly unlikely your clients will find another technician that provides quality gel matched with a luxury presentation.  This alone will set you apart from your fellow competitors. Curating a relationship with your clients they can not get elsewhere.

Because of the quality paired with the luxury presentation, you are able to increase the price point of your services if you choose to do so. Many technicians that carry Medusa products add an additional $15 to their service for using Medusa gel. Clients don’t think twice knowing they’re getting the good stuff!

Consistency, Dual Function packaged in a Luxury Presentation is how Medusa Gel is making the lives of technicians easier and transforming salons!

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