What Makes Medusa Different

What Makes Medusa Different

Medusa is a non toxic gel company that focuses on making the lives of nail technicians easier. They do this by selling gels for nail technicians that can be used for both polishing and nail art. Tools which are stainless steel a technician or salon owner can purchase once and easily sanitize between each service.

Medusa three key areas that make them stand out in the nail industry are High Quality Products, Exceptional Customer Service, and Outstanding Education and Classes.

Medusa’s high quality performance products are comprised of non toxic color gels that can easily be distinguished by their control, coverage and customization. Most gel polishes on the market are runny, they slide all over the nail making it difficult to get an even application. They are also not very pigmented, needing multiple coats to obtain full coverage. This alone makes it challenging to be creative when designing nail art looks.

Medusa specifically creates gels for nail technicians! Medusa Color Gels do not move from where you place it on the nail. This allows the technician time to maneuver the product how they want, not the other way around. They are extremely pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. This combo allows technicians to achieve the perfect application in addition to designing nail art. WITHOUT NEEDING TO CURE IN BETWEEN EACH LINE! Yup! Medusa’s colors carry that much control that you can place multiple colors next to each other on a polished wet nail & they will not bleed into each other. This is absolutely game changing!  If that isn’t groundbreaking enough all of Medusa’s colors can be mixed together to custom create new shades. So if your client is in between 2 colors. Medusa’s got you covered. Mix a small portion of two or more colors together and create an infinite amount of new shades.

We’ve all experienced good, great and poor customer service before I’m sure….Medusa stands firmly behind curating a wonderful customer experience for you. Whether its replying to a question on IG, needing help with application, or processing an order the Medusa team is quick to respond in getting you the information and support you need.

If you’ve ever invested in a class and felt like you just paid all this money to sit in the back of the room, could barely hear the instructor and didn’t get the one on one time you were hoping for…  Coming in as the Top 3 reason as to What Makes Medusa Different is their approach to Education. Medusa creates a learning environment conducive to everyone. They do this by keeping the overall environment intimate ensuring each person has one on one time with the Educator. Time to practice new techniques learned and ability to ask questions. Medusa also makes sure there is plenty of product available for use during the class. Educators are carefully selected, each having gone through the Medusa Educator Training Course. A 4-day intensive course with Medusa’s Director of Education, Ximena Espinoza.

Medusa is gaining recognition in the industry through their innovative products, customer rapport and continuing education.

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