Benefits of Using a Pot vs a Bottle

Benefits of Using a Pot vs a Bottle

As the nail industry evolves so do the products! Most of us know the polish / gel traditionally  comes in a bottle though gels coming in pots are on the rise.  Medusa purposefully decided to package their gels in pots versus the traditional bottle.

Here’s Why

#1  Save Product & Money

The struggle is real anytime a polish gets low and no matter how many times you shake and flip it upside down nothing more comes out. It gets stuck around the sides and the bottom of the bottle you unfortunately never get to use. As a result, the bottle gets tossed. Literally throwing money in the garbage for product you pay for but never get to use.

With a pot, every last drop of product is able to be scooped and scraped out. Never again worry about losing product or having to throw it out unless it is completely empty. The application brush you buy separately, pays for itself in the product you save not needing to toss it due to the inability to retrieve gel from inside.

#2 More Control

It’s been made known that gels placed bottles must be diluted in order to be picked up with the brush. This tells us, gels in pots automatically have more of a control like consistency. This reason gave Medusa further insight to test the usage of the gel in a pot to be used for both polishing and nail art. Medusa’s gel allows for both! This indifference in formulation saves  you from needing to buy separate collections to achieve the results one product can do. When it comes to owning your own business or just starting out this is HUGE. Thicker consistency is the way to go.

#3 Storage

Pots are also designed for you to be able to conveniently stack them, saving space in your salon or studio. This also makes pots easy to travel with.

#4 Presentation

Presentation is everything in front of clients. Pulling out a bottle they can find anywhere including the convenience store is not the same as setting down a prestige gold pot, automatically setting you apart. There’s value in the way you present the products you’re using and educating your clients on what’s new and trending. You will also create exclusivity with your clients and brand loyalty as they can only find quality products like Medusa at your salon. This also allows you to increase the price point of your services taking into consideration the packaging of the product matched by the quality of the gel inside.

Soon your clients will be asking you “what’s in that Gold pot! I want what’s in there.”

Pots in general are making the lives of technicians easier by helping drastically decrease the amount of product you lose, being a 2 in 1 solution to both polishing and nail art, and providing better storage and upscale presentation.

Hope this was helpful in understanding a few simple benefits in using a pot over a bottle!

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