Stamp with Medusa Gel!

Stamp with Medusa Gel!

Stamp here, stamp there, stamp everywhere! Many of you have asked if you can stamp with your Medusa Gels… the answer is YES you can! Stamping has become an alternative to free hand nail art design and it’s a more efficient method! We have the ultimate step by step tutorial on Stamping using Medusa Gels and a few dos & don’ts as well!

How To:


1. Prep your nail and cover it with the Medusa Gel of your choice.


2. Apply the Medusa gel police of your choice to the stamping plate. Feel free to apply from all angles, but make sure to smooth over with consistent strokes on your last application.


3. Allow the polish to settle into the plate for a little as you prepare your nail.


4. Wipe your stamp with alcohol and then dab it with a paper towel. You can buff it a little and depending on the color, it will apply better. Use tape or the back of a nail form to get the extra lint off of the stamp.


5. Using your scrapper, scrape the excess product off of the plate.


6. Take your stamper and roll it across the design. If you press down or squish, you may pick up air bubbles. The same goes when stamping the nail. THIS IS A CRUCIAL POINT!

7. With the same rolling technique, roll the stamp across the nail. If you miss any parts, you can fill it in with a liner brush. With the gel product, you can wipe the stamp off and try it again without ruining the nail, since you haven’t cured it yet.

8. Cure the nail and admire your design!

Dos & Don’ts:

DO NOT worry about the polish air drying on the stamping plate. Remember the gel doesn’t cure until it is placed under the UV lamp. This is a major benefit of using Medusa gels.

DO make sure that you clean your stamping plate with alcohol. After cleaning it wipe it with a paper towel to get rid of any excess alcohol residue. You want to make sure that the plate isn’t dull. You will notice a clear difference after wiping it with the paper towel.
You may be able to use acetone, but here at Medusa we only use alcohol. DO NOT place your stamping plate near your UV lamp. If it is exposed, the plate may cure the nail when you use it.
In this video, she used the Medusa Matte polish. The matte surface helps to pull more pigment to the surface. Some colors are meant to be lighter, but you can still use them to stamp the nail. If you have to adjust the color, you can by adding additional colors to it or using more product. Nail stamping is changing the game, allowing you to create designs at a much faster pace. Watch the full tutorial to learn a few extra tips to make your nail art one of a kind!{display:none;}

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