While a gel manicure is one of the most requested services, achieving perfection takes practice and skill! Our Medusa nail tech Ximena shared with us 5 Pro Tips to reach that perfection. The entire manicure, from prep to the Top Coat, should take 45 min to an hour. However, that time can increase or decrease depending on how detailed of a manicure your client is paying for. We hope that you will be able to use these tips to create a beautiful gel manicure!
1. Use your tools to your advantage.
Here at Medusa, we have a variety of tools customized to be more efficient than the average. On the tutorial, you will be able to see Ximena use the tools in multiple ways!
  • Start by using the Medusa file. It is very sturdy and won’t bend after use, since it has a metal base. For sanitation purposes, you are able to discard the buffer & filing sides after each use.
  • Using the Medusa cuticle pusher, clean up the client’s cuticles. You are able to use it dry and without soaking the nail. It works best if you hold it at about a 30-degree angle. One major plus is that you don’t have to worry about discomfort with this pusher.
  • Use the small side of the arrow tool to clean underneath the nail.
  • Buff the nail using the opposite side of the Medusa File. Don’t be afraid to use your buffer in different angles. Be sure to buff the nail to the point there is no natural shine.
2. To avoid chipping, use Medusa Stuck on You Bonder on the tips of the nail
Ensuring that the nail base is prepared correctly will pay off and allow your client to have a lasting gel manicure.
  • Prep the nail with alcohol, using a paper towel. Make sure it dries and that the nail is matte.
  • The Stuck on You Bonder is basically just insurance that the gel will stay. You only need a very small amount. The bonder is protein based, made for natural nails.
  • Just use it on the tips only.
3. Add a second coat of base coat for flexility, strength and additional adhesion of your color gel
  • Focus on the base coat application. Having a perfect base coat will ensure a perfect gel manicure.
  • You are aiming for a nice shiny base that is the same even on the edges and along the free edge.
4. Apply 2 thin coats of color gel
  • Start with a very thin first layer and be sure to cover the entire nail surface.
  • Cure the nail after the first coat.
  • If you touch the skin with the color gel, use the arrow tool to wipe off any additional product.
5. Cap the free edges at least once with each product. For example: 1x with base, 1x with color, 1x with Top Coat
  • Capping the edges will prevent the product from lifting allowing you to have a long-lasting manicure.