5 Easy Steps to Having Strong Nails and Healthy Skin

Out of all the services your salon offers, none are more important than leaving your client with healthy, gorgeous, and strong nails.

With a million products available to put on your shelf, it can be tough to figure out which ones may harm your clients’ strong nails. There’s always new science and findings that nail techs could apply to their practice. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for nail techs to keep their and their clients’ nails strong and beautiful.

Having strong nails will not only have you looking and feeling like a #BossBabe, but they’ll also prevent health issues down the road. Here are some of the best practices for helping clients keep strong nails:

Avoid toxic products

Harsh chemical exposure to nails can cause alarming damage and deterioration, especially frequent flyers to your salon. Although many don’t realize this, the body isn’t immune to chemicals through nail polish. Just because you’re not eating or drinking it, doesn’t mean your body isn’t absorbing it. These hidden chemicals are powerful enough to cause “brittleness, dryness, and thinning,” according to Fashionista. This weakening of the nail opens the floodgates for toxic chemicals to swarm in. Clients with especially sensitive skin and nails are more at stake for damage than others. Beyond aesthetic purposes, inhaling and absorbing toxic nail products routinely have caused cancer and miscarriages. This has caused an insurgence of vegan and non-toxic products in recent years, like Larmes de Medusa. Overusing harsh chemicals like formaldehyde (which Larmes de Medusa is proudly free of) can lead to brittle nail syndrome, which leads to extreme discomfort doing everyday tasks.

Stop cutting cuticles

Clients are often fed misinformation, and led to believe that cutting their cuticles is a must. However, most dermatologists recommend to go cold turkey – and stop cutting them entirely. Not only do they pave the way for infections – they can halt nail growth, steering your clients away from strong nails. That’s why dermatologists are recommending more friendly and less invasive moisturizer rather than cutting those flaky cuticles off. Instead, offer to simply push back your client’s cuticle. It’s much safer, and will leave your clients’ nails looking stronger without any infection.

Keep nails short or, use gel builder/forms sparingly

It’s time to cut your nails. “The longer [nails] are, the easier it is for them to get traumatized,” one doctor told Reader’s Digest. Longer nails can break easy and just like cutting cuticles, can open up the risk of infection. Studies have linked long fingernails to more bacteria and yeast than short ones. Although long nails can be a prime canvas for brilliant nail art, having them more often than not can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Advise your clients to use Medusa’s non-toxic Medusa gel builder or nail forms to reduce the chance or breakage, while using a nail brush at home daily.

Gently clean and moisturize hands

Nearly a quarter of the population suffers from dry, brittle nails. It’s partly due to health conditions, and partly due to bad habits. To avoid germs and infections, people over wash their hands. That strips the body’s natural immunities and opens pathways for bacteria. By encouraging a regimen of natural-based antibacterial soaps with infused cuticle oils and moisturizers, you can create strong nails.  Nail techs should also discourage using alcohol-based hand sanitizers because they damage your skin and nails. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, making it susceptible to everything it comes in contact with. Moisturizing improves several aspects of your skin, nails, and cuticles. It also offers protection from air and water toxins. Be sure to provide moisturizing soaps, lotions, cuticle oils and ointments for clients to help protect their nails.  


Here are a few of our favorite natural soap and moisturizing products:


Tell clients to take Biotin for strong nails

Biotin (Vitamin B7) is one of the most beneficial vitamins to take for healthier nails, skin, hair. Small studies have shown that just 2.5 mg of Biotin per day is proven to thicken brittle nails by as much as 25 percent. Also, the study showed a reduction in nail splitting. Having broken, chipped and brittle nails can make mundane tasks painful and uncomfortable as well create an unwanted pathway for infection. Adding biotin to their daily vitamin intake can help give restore stronger nails.

Larmes de Medusa’s mission is to provide the latest research, innovation and education for nail professionals. Offering the highest-quality aesthetically-pleasing services should be matched with practices that build healthy, strong nails. Using Larmes de Medusa’s non-toxic and vegan gel product line, can help create stronger nails one manicure at a time. Read more of our blog for the latest news roundup on UV lamps, nail tips, and more. For more information, email info@medusanailartistry.com, or join our Medusa Nail Professionals Forum.

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