Fileblades 180 Grid (50pc)

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Medusa Disposable File System
Larmes de Medusa has designed the next generation of a hygienic file system that you will never want to miss in your salon. Imagine, you have a new file for each customer to enable you to cut your filing time. No more dull fileblades, no more disinfecting, but a simple, effective and totally hygienic way to service your customers.

The fileboard is made of stainless steel and can be disinfected and sterilized with all methods (ultrasonic/heat/autoclave)

The fileblades have a sticky backing which attaches to the stainless steel board securely After use, fileblades are simply removed from board and discarded

  • Fileblades are available in the following grids:

                    100 Grid

                    150 Grid

                    180 Grid

    Fileblades are also available as buffer:



The Larmes de Medusa revolutionary nail system is sold exclusively to salons and nail professionals.

Larmes de Medusa Disposable File System is the unique and hygienic way to accomplish your filing task effectively. The fireboard is manufactured of stainless steel and provides a disinfectable and sterilizable base for the One-way fileblades. The fireboard is 0.5 mm thin which allows you to reach into nail groove and cuticle area without cutting into cuticle. 

The fileblades are available in three different Grids and also as Buffer.


  • Safe, healthy & hygienic.
  • Perfect for full hygienic service.
  • Desinfect and/or Sterilize with all common methods (Ultrasonic/Heat/autoclave)

Created for nail professionals by nail professionals, all products are earth-friendly and non-toxic; contain no DBP, Toulene or Formaldehyde, and are proudly made with no animal products or testing.

*Please note that all computer monitors and smartphones are may alter the appearance of any color based upon your settings and environment. Medusa is not responsible for reasonable variance of color (within 10% or less).

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