Medusa’s first of its kind foundations work flawlessly as a builder and as a gel color. Create the perfect natural, French, American, or Baby Boomer look for any color nail bed. The Medusa Foundation collection is also an exceptional base for extraordinary nail art and encapsulated designs. 

Multi-functional Medusa Foundations represent a brilliant palette of nudes and natural shades for every client’s pigmentation or preference and work perfectly with natural and artificial nails. 

Medusa benefits:

  • Builder: Create artificial nails with consistency and incomparable quality 
  • Gel: Choose from a range of semi-translucent or opaque gel color (over natural or artificial nails) 
  • Formulated to cure perfectly without shrinking, feathering or changes in color. 
  • Cures with UV or UV/LED lamps. 
  • Safe, healthy & flexible for natural nails. 
  • Exceptional versatility and durability with artificial nails. 
  • Perfect for full color to detailed nail art. 
  • Like the entire Medusa line, our Foundation Camouflage and Makeup Shades are non-toxic, cruelty-free and earth-friendly. 
  • Created for nail professionals by nail professionals, all products are earth-friendly and non-toxic; contain no DBP, Toulene or Formaldehyde, and are proudly made with no animal products or testing.