Larmes de Medusa Launches Camouflage and Makeup Shades Collection

Picking a nude nail polish for your client shouldn’t be a taxing trial and error process. Instead, it should be a swift process that leaves both you and your client feeling victorious. That’s why nail professionals from Larmes de Medusa have engineered the ultimate collection of Nail Foundation Shades in Camouflage & Makeup. The nude nail polish collection is designed for anyone and everyone.


A nude and natural nail look gives your client that element of elegance and sophistication they’re looking for. Not only that, it compliments nearly every outfit from ‘relaxed’ to ‘a night on the town.’ Today’s trends in Baby Boomer looks, and variations in French manicures and nail artistry have created the perfect environment for the innovative Larmes de Medusa Foundation line.


The entire Foundation Collection is one of the largest. Also versatile, this nude nail polish encompasses camouflage (semi-translucent) as  makeup (opaque). Designed both as a builder gel and as colors, the Foundation Collection is fully blend-able to expertly match any nail bed color and create the perfect translucency or opacity.


This collection is in addition to our full-spectrum product line comprised of over 100 gel-last colors for every season and any outfit. With another recent addition of non-toxic builder gels, Larmes de Medusa is becoming the go-to brand for nail professionals everywhere.


What is the Camouflage & Makeup Shades Collection?

This first of its kind collection is built to perfectly match your nail bed. With 22 gel-based foundation shades to choose, you’re bound to find or create the perfect match. But if you don’t – don’t worry. This unique collection offers eight opaque and 14 semi-translucent shades for bountiful possibilities. By mixing and blending different shades, you can create the perfect nude for your client. Experiment with these customizable shades to design your very own shade – made for you, by you.

At Larmes de Medusa, we believe that no color nail bed should be unaccounted for. Just see how glamorous a well done nude look can complement celebrities like Demi Lovato as well as Mindy Kaling:


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Why Nude Nail Polish from Larmes de Medusa?

Besides a perfect shade for your nail bed, the Camouflage & Makeup Shades Collection gives you so much more than other brands. This collection, along with our entire product line, is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Vegan
  • Odorless
  • Earth-friendly
  • FDA-approved
  • Chip-proof

On top of all those benefits, your end product will never yellow or discolor. Not only is this collection universal – but it’s versatile. Customize your camouflage – or use it as a builder, extender, or base shade. Additionally, use it to hide any minor nail damage and/or spots.  Conveniently, finish the look in seconds by using either a UV or LED lamps. Regardless of the occasion, you can create the ultimate nude look.


No more wasting time relying on just a single polish to meet you and your clients’ needs. With 22 shades to mix and match, your salon can rely on the Larmes de Medusa Foundation Collection. With the collection’s unmatched versatility and durability, nail professionals have created one of the most flexible nude collections in the industry. You can get it here soon!


For more ideas and discussions about how to use the Camouflage Collection, we invite you to our Nail Professionals Facebook Forum. For questions about any other Larmes de Medusa products, email today.

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