Medusa the Myth Revealed....

The truth behind the darkness of the Medusa myth.  Was she solely the mythological creature who stirred fear into men, cast to stone from her gaze? Who was she beneath it all?

The lesser told tale of Medusa exposes a story of surrender, seduction, and sadness.   When Medusa was a beautiful young maiden, she was a priestess for Athena and vowed to celibacy. However over time she became captivated by Poseidon. While being drawn by each other's beauty, Medusa was seduced by Poseidon in Athena's temple.

Upon discovering the sanctity of her temple violated, Athena cast a spell upon Medusa so that no man could ever embrace her beauty or survive her gaze.  Turning what was once extraordinary beauty into the image of a monster, Medusa's golden locks became serpents, a brief warning to men before their imminent doom.

The spell led to a loveless life of tragedy, leaving Medusa sad and alone until her demise at Perseus' hands.

The tale reminds us to look beneath the surface, and celebrate our individual strength and beauty.

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