7 Fall Nail Art Trends Every Nail Pro Needs to Try

2018 Fall Nail Art Trends

Pumpkin spice everything is back, which basically means one thing — fall is here. And at Larmes de Medusa, we’re embracing all the fall nail art trends.

We love everything about fall — the breeze, the holidays as well as the onset of fall colors and fashion trends. Get ready to don your favorite cold weather wardrobe of stylish boots, scarves, sweaters as well as jackets. Regardless of your look, the ultimate show of style is a perfect set of gorgeous nails.

From Chevron patterns to the Halloween themes, these fall nail art trends are sure to start your autumn with style.

Metallic and moody

A rich, smooth maroon is the staple color of the season. It perfectly complements the moody gray tones that are prevalent this time of year. Also, the metallic gold is a lovely accent to balance the dark color — and is certainly a creative twist on fall nail art trends.


Camouflage and makeup looks

Summer was about going all out, but fall nail art trends call for simplicity. Not all nail art has to be over-the-top to be appreciated — minimalism is elegant.  Explore your creativity with nude looks and nail art using Larmes de Medusa’s revolutionary Camouflage and Makeup Shades Collection. Because the collection is designed to match any color nail bed, you can create an infinite palette of nails and nail art for any client this fall.



In order to make your camouflage look even more elegant, put a few jewels or sparkles on it. These subtle hints of sparkle will add richness to your simple look. You can customize this look with as much shine as you want — and it’ll still be in theme with the season. Larmes de Medusa’s Camouflage and Makeup Collection is ideal for this versatile look.


Geode patterns

We’ll always adore long nails — no matter what season it is. But paired with an elaborate design, the combo is unbeatable. This glittering geode manicure just screams the ultimate fall look, and can go with any fall-themed outfit. 



Negative space

Art is also about using negative space wisely, and nail art is no exception. This fall, expect several of your clients to resort to this elegant trend. When executing this look, try using a darker fall shade to really match the season’s essence.


Marble looks

Nothing says sleek and sophisticated like a well-done marble manicure. This black and white look is timeless — but especially matches the minimalist fall aesthetic. All you need is two Larmes de Medusa colors for this one: Flying Nimbus as well as Night at the Opera.


Halloween nails

Undoubtedly, Halloween is the best part of fall. Because everyone goes dark with their nails this time of year, this is an elegant way to incorporate that trend. Before you change your nails to match your costume this month, try this dark ombré to flow with all the fall vibes. 

Whatever fall nail art trends your clients ask for this season, get creative with it. With Larmes de Medusa foundation and color gels, you can recreate all these looks and many more. But the best part is that you can play with these trends all with non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan professional nail gels. The fall season is just beginning, so start experimenting with 125+ Medusa gel-last shades and 22 foundations today.


For a free demo or more information, email us at sales@medusanails.com or visit www.medusanails.com.

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