7 Customer Service Tips Every Nail Tech Needs to Use Today

Most beauty enthusiasts only dream of opening their own nail salon, but the go-getters make it happen. To run your own nail salon, you obviously need to build a talented staff. However, you also need to instill customer service values into your team and salon.

Being equipped with glowing customer service skills can make-or-break your clients’ experience. It’s not just about delivering the trendiest nail art, it’s about nurturing clients to ensure they return for more.

Here are some customer service tips that nail techs should implement on each and every client:

1. Engage in conversation

Give your client your full attention. Although it may be hard when your salon is at full volume and is getting bombarded with phone calls, go the extra mile to center your full attention on your client. Don’t be afraid to initiate conversation. Centering the conversation around them makes them feel valued, and enhances their experience. Ask about their day, their career, their hobbies, and more so you could check back in with them during their next visit. Keep them informed of what’s going on during the service. That personal touch, alongside a professional skill set, can put your salon in a league of its own.

2. Make up any inconveniences to them

Not everything that goes on in your salon is under your control. Sometimes waves of people will herd in, leaving appointees waiting longer than they expected. Since this may put a dent in their day, this is a great situation to practice your customer service skills. You can offer special deals and discounts to compensate for the situation. You can also be proactive and call them ahead of time to let them know to come in early on a busy day. They’ll appreciate the heads up and likely be more patient with the high demand of clients.

3. Assess their individual needs

For first-time clients, don’t be in a crunch for time. Get to know any skin sensitivities, allergies and lifestyle preferences, like if they prefer vegan products. After a thorough consultation, recommend what service is best for their particular skin and style. Every client is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all service especially when it comes to health. The aesthetic aspect is more subjective, strive to make your clients’ visions come to life. Whether it’s a simple matte look or elaborate nail art, go the extra mile to ensure your clients receive unparalleled customer service.

4. Offer quality customer service with a clean salon

As simple as it may seem, good hygiene goes a long way. Nails Magazine found that 35.8 percent of people chose their current salon because “it’s a clean salon and that’s extremely important to me.” Give your clients peace of mind and quality customer service by being transparent with them. Make sure they see you sanitize your tools, change your gloves, and offer nontoxic products. Let them know they’re in good hands and take the precautions needed to prevent the chance of sickness or infection.

5. Empower your staff

In every industry, you’re bound to come across unhappy or disgruntled clients. Whether it’s your fault or not, it’s your staff’s responsibility to address the issue. ‘The customer is always right’ cliché might not be entirely true – but every industry has adopted it for a reason. By putting the customer service experience first, your client can walk out happy – even if there was a mishap. Take the time with your staff to establish an outline of how to avoid/address issues and resolve conflicts. Your clients will be impressed when staff members can cater to situations quickly. Whether it’s issuing a credit, offering a gift, quick rescheduling for repairs, or their next service free, customer service comes in all shapes and forms. The highest rated companies worldwide have proven – the faster and more fair the response, the more likely customers are to continue doing business with you.

6. Follow up with sincerity

After you resolve an issue, follow up a day or two later. That little bit of personal touch and sincerity goes a long way. Send a handwritten note or call to inquire if they were satisfied with their service or if there are any lingering issues. Remember to thank clients for doing business and the opportunity to make things right. Following up will boost your chances of earning a glowing review. You and your staff’s thoughtful resolutions can shield your salon from negative online reviews on Google and Yelp. Writing them handwritten notes, offering full or partial refunds, or calling to check how their service is holding up can separate you from the majority of salons.

7. Stay informed

You being informed can in turn, increase your customer service scores. You and your staff being knowledgeable of the latest research, tactics, and practices will result in better work. Less educated nail technicians may perform excellent nails, but may lack in professionalism (messy work space, impersonal client interaction, etc.). Knowing what’s best for different nail and skin types will allow you to expand your clientele and your business. There is an abundance of information constantly floating around the beauty industry, so it may be difficult to sift through it all. By signing up the the Larmes de Medusa e-newsletter here, you can get the information you need to stay up-to-date straight to your inbox.

Quality customer service is a necessity in every business, and nail salons are no exception. While executing flawless nail designs, you can’t overlook the customer service aspect. Larmes de Medusa is building an community of safe and educated nail professionals – and we want you to be a part of the journey. Join our Nail Professionals Forum Facebook page to keep the conversation on great customer service going.

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