4 Reasons to Support Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Brands

In 2018, the majority of cosmetics companies across the globe are animal testing their products. At Larmes de Medusa, we offer professional cruelty-free nail products that don’t contain any animal byproducts.


In the United States, the FDA doesn’t require animal testing on cosmetics. Each and every brand has a choice in whether or not they test on animals. Although more and more brands are going cruelty-free, our society still has ways to go. The European Union pulled all animal-tested products off shelves in 2014, yet brands are still getting away with it in other countries.


Here are a few reasons Larmes de Medusa proudly stands cruelty-free:


Animal testing is misleading

Animal testing is often inaccurate. Research has proven time and time again that animal studies are “poor predictors of human reaction.” This is because it’s often not thorough, quality research – especially when it comes to cosmetics. Even in medical animal testing, studies are only analyzed and revisited a fraction of the amount they should be.


Another complication is that human bodies are naturally more complex than animals. Because a chemical may react one way on a mouse, doesn’t necessarily mean it will act the same way on a human. One example is thalidomide, developed as a mental health treatment in the 1950s. It proved successful during animal testing but was actually causing birth defects in humans.


It can also be misleading the other way around. If cosmetics companies base their products solely on animal testing, salons can miss out on quality products. For example, Aspirin and Penicillin’s animal testing was unsuccessful – but both became breakthrough, lifesaving medicines for humans.


There are safer ingredients that don’t require animal testing

The most practical way to avoid animal testing is to use ingredients that don’t demand it. There are thousands of substances on the market that have already been evaluated and deemed safe by the FDA. Companies can avoid testing on animals or use of animal byproducts by choosing ingredients from a pre-approved well of ingredients. Safety data is available on these well-tested ingredients. Approved ingredients can reduce and eliminate toxicity in products.


The alternatives for animal testing

As the European Union has demonstrated, animal testing is an unnecessary practice in testing cosmetics brands. With major strides in science and technology, the testing possibilities are wider than they’ve ever been. Safer alternatives are often less expensive, quicker, and more accurate than animal testing.


Here are some alternatives that Cruelty Free International suggests:


Computer models: Using algorithms and data, scientists can recreate organs, systems, and yes, skin and nails!
Volunteer studies: With required consent, humans can volunteer to take small doses of cosmetic products and measure the effects – this is called microdosing.
Human tissues: There’s always skin available. From surgeries, biopsies, and transplants – cosmetics brands can harness this instead and safely test their product.


Animal testing is just unethical

No matter how glamorous your product is, it’s not worth more than an animal’s suffering. According to the Humane Society, here are some commonly performed treatments:

  • Skin and eye irritation tests
  • Repeated force-feeding studies
  • “Lethal dose” tests

These practices alone should be enough for cosmetics companies to make the switch to non toxic, cruelty-free products. Yet, in the interest of cutting costs, many companies have expanded their production abroad to China, where animal testing is mandatory.


Whether you’re an animal lover, vegan or simply prefer a more resourceful method in producing products without suffering, today’s society is trending toward nontoxic and cruelty-free.


Larmes de Medusa is making sure that our ecological footprint stays minimal and our morals stand strong. That’s why we’ve created an entire line of nontoxic gels and foundations exclusively for nail professionals. To save animals and maintain a safe salon, email info@medusanails.com to find out how to become Medusa-certified today.

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