Medusa by D'Evereux strives to make a significant impact on individuals and communities through the avenue of true expression and relevant knowledge.

Relevant Knowledge 

Our company provides class sessions and demonstrations that share the essentials of the skill. How to optimize our products, such as our control gels, are a part of these discussions as well. We believe by providing high quality and innovative products alongside education, we can assist Nail Technicians and Professionals in efficiency, production & quality of production. The classes/demos take place in-house as well as in local cosmetology schools and are relative to skill level and experience. Our end goal is to have our own schools in communities that accommodate various levels of the profession.

True Expression

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a vision and not being able to express it. This may be due to lack of experience or product limitations. If you need the experience we are here to assist. If you have the experience and possess the skills we have the product to match. Our products will go as far as your imagination will take it. We are here to assist Nail Technicians & Professionals in expressing their art form so they can reach & surpass the expressive needs of their clients.

Significant Impact 

We truly believe that if the product is superior in its application, appearance, and reliability then the technician can be more confident in their skills and perform freely. This combination causes the quality of work to go up and it feels great to do amazing work. The end customer is the recipient of the handiwork and as a result, they are pleased. Everyone leaves the work station feeling remarkable about what just took place. To consistently create this type of process can seem minute, but in reality, increasing positive energy yields far more gains than we are aware of. You’ll be surprised how far a spark of joy can take you and the others you encounter.

In short, Medusa by D’Evereux is not a company that is here to simply make a profit. We are here to teach individuals the essentials of the art form and how to turn it into a successful business for themselves. We are here to make an impact on the community and the individuals in it by assisting them in executing their vision. Medusa by D’Evereux is excited about the products we make and the people we encounter.

Medusa by D'Evereux is a truly innovative system for the nail professional.

Discover the newest technology and trends from Europe. Medusa by D'Evereux presents our "one-of-its-kind" professional nail gels, foundations, technical gels and tools designed with the nail pro in mind.

Medusa by D'Evereux is dedicated to expanding the experience of the nail profession to help your salon flourish and grow. Check out our class schedules during the week to sign up for a course near you or online.

Medusa by D'Evereux is dedicated to the success, creativity and also safety of nail professionals everywhere. Our premium professional nail products are equally as innovative as they are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and durable.

The Medusa by D'Evereux Nail Color Gel system overall creates a limitless palette for nail professionals.

Color Gels

  • Over 125+ Vivid, Inspired Color Gels
  • Outstanding & Outlasting Performance
  • Flawless Application and Consistent Results
  • Durable & Chip Resistant for Extraordinary Natural & Artificial Nails
  • No Waste
  • Low Dust
  • Odorless
  • Cures with UV/LED, UV as well as LED Lamps

Universal Foundation System

  • The World's Most Advanced Universal* Foundations to match any color nail bed (*works as a builder + color gel)
  • 8 Overlay Foundation Gels
  • The First of Its Kind High Tech Custom Polymer
  • Flawless Application and Consistent Results
  • Durable & Chip Resistant for Extraordinary Natural & Artificial Nails
  • No Waste
  • Low Dust
  • Odorless
  • Cures with UV as well as UV/LED Lamps

Professional Tools

  • Implements to enhance product application. All Medusa Tools are stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee
  • Files - Stainless Steel Metal blade allows to interchange file grits & buffers on each side. Create precise lines without your file bending or needing to replace it in the middle of your service
  • Forms – Super Adherent, Sturdy & Durable! Our forms are Customer Proof
  • Brushes- A complete line of brushes allowing you to do everything from polishing to detailed artwork
  • Lamps –Sleek UV/ LED with an open back. Great for Gel Pedicures!

Sold exclusively to licensed nail professionals and salons. Contact us for a free in-salon or online demo at

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