Passionate & Purposeful

Created from a son’s love for his mother and grandmother, NFL star, five-time Pro-Bowler and cancer survivor Eric Berry honors them with Medusa. As a child, Eric accompanied his mom and grandma to the beauty salon each week where he witnessed the joy and confidence that salon professionals instill in their clients and community. Combined with his training on the football field, these experiences shaped his life and his desire to foster supportive entrepreneurial communities that empower, lift and inspire others.

Celebrating Artistry & Self Expression

We are a luxury professional nail gel company for those who express themselves through the art of nail design. We thrive on learning, teaching and creating–with you, for you, for your clients.

Nurturing Creativity

Pigment-rich and vibrant, Medusa Gel colors can be intensely pure or custom blended to create an array of shades and textures that satisfy an artist’s desire for choice. The collection includes an expansive palette of color gels, a nude builder system for all skin tones, gel top coats, precision stainless steel tools. We believe quality products empower unhindered creativity.

Nurture creativity. Bridge style and necessity. Celebrate self-expression. Liberate originality. Unify individuality.

Corporate Office: Knoxville, TN